About Marie…

Gas spending is 275 BILLION more than in 2019.
“Gasoline prices are too high, let’s repeal the gas tax!”

Your friend, Marie Manvel, is on the ballot for California State Board of Equalization. The Board of Equalization presides over gasoline tax, sales tax, property tax, business tax and more.

Marie is a City Commissioner, Advisory Board Member for the Salvation Army, Founder of the President’s Council for The City of Hope, a Vice President of a Public company, to name a few. She has dedicated her life to helping those who cannot help themselves. Her compassion for people is the motivating factor behind her decision to run for the Board of Equalization, District 3.

She earned her double MBA in both Finance and Entrepreneurship from USC, invented and holds 5 international utility patents. With her education, business experience, and community service, Marie is the perfect fit for the State Board of Equalization and the leader that we need.

Is it fair that your salary is taxed, then you pay tax on purchases with your after tax dollars? Businesses pay a tax on the dollars you spent and pay employees who also pay a tax on their salaries. Almost every exchange of money is taxed. By the time a hundred dollars is taxed, just a few times, the government has already taken that same amount in taxes. Do they work as hard as we do to earn that $100. They must collect many times GDP!

Seniors with limited income, pay tax on their SSI and then have to pay property taxes, etc. If they have owned their property a long time, they have already paid in taxes what the property cost them.

As a business owner, Marie personally understands the state imposed heavy burdens on businesses in California, and wants to reduce it.

Marie will represent the interest of “We the People,” in every decision and every endeavor.

Policy of Marie Manvel